Best Alarm System for Small Business in 2024 Reviews

As a small business owner, you cannot afford to leave your valuable assets unprotected whether it is your office fixtures and equipment or even other more sensitive things like customer data. Although there are many security systems that can help with this, an alarm system is by far one of the best ones as a good one provides both audio alerts and 24/7 monitoring.

However, alarm systems will have varying features and functions depending on the brand and model. Hence, you cannot just settle on the first one you come across as it might not have what you need to protect your business.

To help you find the best alarm systems for your businesses, below we review 10 top-rated models and also show you how to pick one that suits your needs.

List of the 10 Best Alarm Systems for Small Businesses in 2024.

10 Best Alarm Systems for Small Businesses in 2024 Reviews

1. Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit

With an easy to set up alarm like this one by Ring, you can have your business premises secured in just a few minutes. And it will put the security of the business on your fingertips as it provides smartphone alerts in real-time when doors or windows are opened or even motion is detected. You can also get 24/7 monitoring as part of the package for just $10/month.

Also, there is a Ring app that allows you to customize your alarm or doorbell if you use one from Ring. With this kit, you will get everything that you need to set up an efficient alarm system which includes the base center, both motion and contact sensors, keypad and a range extender.

2. Fortress 14-Piece Security System Kit

The 14-piece Fortress security system kit is a reliable alarm system that will be perfect for both home and business use, and it is also compatible with Alexa to allow for simple voice command arming and disarming. It is also a completely wireless system that will only take a few minutes to install and will also provide 24/7 professional monitoring with no contracts to sign.

And in case of a security breach, you can be confident you will get alerted in good time as it has an autodialer that will call 6 different numbers to ensure you never miss the alert. There is also a passive motion sensor that will detect any suspicious movement, and at 110 dB the alarm is also loud enough to ensure all neighbors will hear it.

3. Fortress GSM 3G/4G WiFi Security System

If you are looking for an alarm system that will give you all the functions of the high ends but without the hefty monthly payments that come with it, this one by Fortress is a perfect choice. It is a smart wireless system with a built-in 3G/4G GSM dialer that will ensure you never miss an alert, and it also allows for simple remote monitoring.

This alarm will also come with a free sim card and will allow you to save up to 6 numbers that should be contacted in case of an incidence. And it will also come with free mobile Apps for both IOS and Android devices.

4. Kerui Weatherproof Security System

While good alarm systems do not come cheap, it is still possible to get something effective without spending much. This Kerui security system is enough proof of this, and it is a budget model that provides similar service to others that cost way much more. And it is also a weatherproof system that will be ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Another thing that makes this one of the best budget alarm systems include the expandable design that allows you to connect multiple sensors, super loud 110 dB noise level, multiple remote keyfobs and the fact that it allows for simple DIY installation.
5. Wink Lookout Smart Security System

Wink makes this alarm system for anyone shopping for a smart and highly effective security system. It is an easy-to-install system that will not require any special tools or skills to install and should only take a few minutes to set up. Also, arming and disarming it should be super easy as you only need to tap it as there are no passcodes required.

Besides giving you alerts in case of activity in your business, this security system can also be programmed to trigger certain events such as turning on lights. And you can connect this alarm system to and use it to control more than 400 different devices.

6. Kerui Standalone Security Alarm System

Here is yet another security alarm system by Kerui that has been designed to offer you effective business monitoring at a budget. It is a highly affordable standalone alarm system that offers effective indoor and outdoor monitoring and it will come with everything you will need from the horn to the window/door sensors and remote keyfobs.

It is also quite a loud alarm system with a noise rating of 110 dB, and it is also expandable by including more deflectors, and so this will be a perfect security system even for larger businesses with several offices to monitor.

7. Thustar GSM Security System Kit

A loud emergency security system like this one by Thustar is always a great buy as it will make it easier to get help. But besides being loud, this alarm system also offers simple control via the LED display and voice prompt. And you can also preset up to 6 numbers to be alerted in case of suspicious activity on your business premises.

There are also no monthly fees to pay or contracts to sign when using this alarm system, and it also uses a rechargeable battery that will provide up to 8 hours of runtime in case of a power outage. And this is a plug and play system that will not require any tools to install.

8. Kerui G183 Wireless Security Alarm System

While the Kerui G183 is simply just a GSM alarm system, it can work either with or without a sim card. And with a standard sim card in it, you can save up to 6 numbers to be alerted in case of anything. Also, this security system allows for App control, and it will work with both IOS and Android devices and will allow you to control the system from anywhere using a text message.

Setting it up should also not take a lot of time or effort as it is quite straightforward, and it will support up to an impressive 99 wireless zones and 150 remote keyfobs. Users will also appreciate the TFT color touch screen as it makes operation super easy.

9. Fortress Deluxe WiFi Security System

With a DIY security system like this one by Fortress, you can easily secure your business without ever having to call in experts. It is a complete security system that comes with wireless sensors and sirens, built-in autodialer and an optional 24/7 monitoring. Also, it is a WiFi camera compatible system, and it also allows for remote control via the IOS and Android apps.

There is also a built-in mic to make remote monitoring more effective, and it also works with Alexa to allow for voice control whether you are arming or disarming it. And there is also a user-friendly interface that makes the alarm system even easier to control.

10. Digoo Hosa GSM and WiFi Wireless Business Security Alarm System

The Digoo WiFi Alarm System is a smart security system that also comes at a great price and will be perfect for your business premises. It uses a touch color display screen to ensure easy control, and it will provide several other connectivity options besides WiFi such as GPRS and GSM. Also, many users will love that it can be armed or disarmed according to your routine.

Although this alarm system looks a little complicated, it is still super easy to install and setup, and it will only take a few minutes to bring it online. You can also be confident that you will never miss anything as it has a window, door, and PIR sensors.

How to Choose the Best Alarm System

There is no doubt that there are many alarm systems out there that will work well for your business. But, finding one that is perfectly suited for your particular business premises is not always easy as you need to choose from several models. However, keeping the following important points in mind when shopping should help you narrow down your options.

1. Your Business Needs

A good alarm system is one that has been specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Hence, before you buy one, you need to make sure that it is ideal for your kind of business. For example, an alarm system meant for a jewelry shop might not be very useful in a grocery shop as you will not have high-value inventory to protect.

2. Ease of Installation

Chances are you will want to install the alarm system on your own without having to pay someone to do it for. What this means is that the alarm system you choose needs to be quick and straightforward to install. Those that come with comprehensive and easy to follow installation instructions and do not require any special tools to install will give you the easiest time.

3. Arming and Disarming

When choosing an alarm system, you will also need to think about the ease of arming and disarming it. Some will come with arming and disarming codes for that can only be changed by the service provider while others will give you more control by allowing you to update the codes in case you hire or dismiss an employee. Here your choice will depend on your preferences.

4. Cost

Cost also matters because buying an alarm system is expenditure on your business and it can affect your profit margins if you are not keen on your spending. And here you will need to consider both the cost of buying the alarm system and also the cost of paying the ongoing fees if you want to get professional monitoring.


An alarm system provides a simple but effective way of securing your business premises, but this will only be true if you choose the best one from the many options. However, this should also not take a lot of effort as our buying guide above clearly explains the factors to watch out for.
And we also provide top 10 reviews to ensure you have an idea of what to buy. But if you prefer not to read all that, the Ring Alarm 5-Piece Kit is our best overall and the Kerui Weatherproof Security System will be perfect when shopping on a tight budget.

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