Best Fixed Gear Bike Under 1000 in 2024 Reviews

Also called fixies, fixed gear bikes have become very popular, and they are different because of the way their cogs are tied directly to the pedal motion. Their back wheels have a small gear attached to them, and the bike’s chain attaches to the teeth, which rotates the chain. As compared to the other all-terrain bikes, fixed gear bikes are often always lighter. The bike gives you much higher maneuverability, and a more satisfying riding experience since the drivetrains allows you to transfer more power efficiently to the wheels.

Increased efficiency means that you will use less energy to travel a longer distance. The fixies also offer the advantage of simplicity. The natural design of the bike makes it a single-gear product, with the challenge being finding the fixie that best serves your needs for under $1,000.

There are various types of best-fixed gear bikes under $1,000. But our reviews below showcase the top 10 outstanding models to help you ease the process of picking one.

List of The 10 Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $1000 in 2024.

10 Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $1000 in 2024 Reviews.

1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

The Pure Fix is one of the top-rated fixed gear bikes, with beautiful aesthetics and enjoyable to ride on. The bike serves the needs of the urban rider and is available in several colors and sizes. It comes with a 4130 full Chromoly frame and fork, which makes it sturdy and lightweight. The 30 mm deep dish tires offer your sufficient protection as you ride the streets.

The bike also features a flip-flop rear wheel hub, which allows you to switch the bike from either single-speed to fixed gear or vice versa. The Kendra tubes, Tektro front brakes, and KMC chains are components that offer you added convenience. Also, the front brakes can be removed to give you the best fixie experience, with the option of rear brakes.

2. 6KU Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Fixie Urban Track Bike

The 6KU is an inexpensive and sturdy fixed gear bike. It comes with riser bars instead of drops bar, which will make navigating through your town’s busy streets an easy task. Also, it features a lightweight 6061 alloy frame and a matching alloy fork to provide you with the best attributes of both worlds.

The bike also comes several features, such as high-quality aluminum, replaceable stainless steel dropouts, and smooth welds. It is a bike that will meet your recreational riding needs or act as a means of transportation for you as to travel around town. You are also able to select the color and size of your choice from a wide variety.

3. Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike

The Critical Cycles Classic offers you a comfortable, enjoyable riding experience. It features a hand-built steel frame on a design that provides more room for bar clearance and the amount for a water bottle. For added durability, the frame is also designed with horizontal dropouts. Also, the bike comes with Deep-V double-wall rims and stainless-steel wheel spokes, which offer additional strength. Its flip-flop rear wheel hub allows you to change from fixed gear to single-speed modes.

It also features bullhorn handlebars to ease your riding experience. And since the handlebars are designed with a slight forward drop, you will be able to ride in several different positions. The other components include Protek brakes, Protek crank, Sunrun freewheel, KMC chain, and Wanda tires, which combine to offer a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

4. Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Fixed Gear Urban Commuter Bike

The Retrospec Harper is an ideal choice if you are looking for a stylish urban fixed-gear bike. It is a single-speed bike that you can quickly shift into an urban chariot. You just need to flip around and remount the back wheel to switch it from a single-speed to a fixed gear bike. Also, it comes with a premium hand-built, tig-welded, high-tensile steel frame, which will absorb the shocks from bumps on the road to ensure a comfortable ride while also maintaining durability.

The bike also features 30mm Deep-V rims, KMC chain, Kenda Kwest tires, and a two-set of tires. These components combine to offer you a super smooth ride.

5. Vilano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

The Vilano Rampage is one of the best-fixed gear bikes if you are looking for a stylish urban bike. The bike is also designed with an urban geometry frame, as well as a straight fork made from high tensile steel to offer durability.

It features 45mm Deep-V Anodized wheels, of which you will able to switch from single speed to fixed gear by flipping the rear wheel. The switch is enabled by a flip-flop rear hub that comes with a freewheel and cog. Its 28c tires offer you enhanced road contact and control for various urban settings. Its convenience is further enhanced by high-quality handlebars, a track bike geometry, and platform pedals.

6. Retrospec Harper Coaster Fixie Style Single-Speed Commuter Bike

The Harper Coaster is the best bike for you if you want the sleek style of a fixie but with the ease of a cruiser. It features a built-in coaster brake for smooth slows and stops. You simply need to pedal backward to stop. The lack of external elements for the coaster brakes will reduce the costs of upkeep and maintenance.

The bike also features a hand-built, tig-welded, high-tensile strength steel frame, which absorbs any shocks from rough terrains while also ensuring the bike is durable. Also, it comes with standard 30mm deep-v rims, KMC chain, Kendal commuter tires, a coaster brake, and VP freestyle pedals, which combine to offer you a smooth ride.

7. Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike

The Golden Cycles is a best-budget single speed fixed gear bike. It allows you to have a fixed gear bike without spending a lot of money. The bike features a high-tensile steel frame, fork, and alloy riser bars for increased durability. A flip-flop rear hub offers you the flexibility of choosing whether to ride the bike as single-speed or fixed gear.

Other components include BMX platform plastic pedals together with 45mm deep alloy rims, which will give you a better riding experience. Also, the bike features BMX style rubber grips coupled with front and rear brakes for better control and comfort.

8. Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike

The EURXC550 is an ideal choice for you if you are looking for a bike that offers unique design features but also stays within the median-price range of the other bikes in this group. It has a steel frame and fork, which enhances its durability. But the frame can be a hindrance because it increases the weight of the bike.

It features 26-inch rims, which means you will have tires that are wider than standard, allowing you to ride on a wider variety of road surfaces. It also features a mechanical disc braking system that is more common on mountain bikes, which means that you will have more stopping power and control of your bike.

9. State Bicycle Black Label 6061 Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike

The Black Label is an excellent choice if you intend to dominate both the track and road. The bike features an agile and lightweight 6061 aluminum frame with a carbon fork, which is not only designed for speed but also durability. The bike offers you a perfect balance between quick and comfortable. It is necessary enough to serve your commuting needs, but you can also get a quick workout on it in your free time.

It also features both front and rear brake, since one would not be enough to stop this bike. And, features a flip-flop rear wheel hub, which allows you to ride it as a fixed gear bike or as a single speed bike. Also, the wheels come with sealed hubs, which are smoother and more durable in comparison to unsealed hubs.

10. Pure Cycles 1-Speed Urban Coaster Bicycle

The Pure Cycle Coaster is a bike that defines simplicity. It has one speed, no levers, and no cables, leaving you with just the bike and the road. It is best suited for easy rides to run errands and trips around your town for leisure. It features a lightweight steel frame that will soften the vibrations from the road and a sealed bottom bracket to allow for smooth pedaling.

The bikes also feature a custom-engineered geometry and swept-back bars, which allows you an upright riding posture for comfortable riding experience. Also, a coaster brake will allow you to have smooth stops.

How to Choose the Best Fixed Gear Bikes Under $1000

A fixed gear bike is an affordable bike for city riding or commuting. It is a unique type of bicycle with a single gear and is unique for its low maintenance design and lightweight construction. There are several different fixed gear bikes to select from on the market.

But finding just the best-fixed gear bike at a budget can be a challenging task, more so if you are new to this type of bike or riding. However, the following are the most important factors you should consider as you purchase your fixed gear bike.

1. Frame Materials

Steel is the most traditional material used for bike frame to offer a sturdy bike with a smooth ride, but this comes with additional weight for the bike. Steel is an excellent option for a mountain bikes considering they have to brave the most rugged terrain, but for a bike to cruise around the streets, you might find them burdensome. Another alternative is aluminum, which offers the advantages of not rusting and being lightweight, which are suitable for a commuter. Carbon is also another option, but it comes with a high price tag.

2. Fork

Bike forks are made of the same materials like frames, but they often do not have to match the bike frames. Steel forks offer you more absorption of road shocks and more weight while Carbon fiber and Aluminum forks are lightweight and a better choice if you require speed and endurance.

3. Handlebars

Single-speed bikes mostly sport flat handlebars which will be great for commuting while most vintage fixed gear bikes sport drop handlebars. Most of the newer models of fixed gear bikes go with a drop handlebar style similar to road bikes.

4. Brakes

The fixed gear bikes will feature both back and front brakes. But, if the bike comes with a flip-flop rear hub, the brakes will be removable.

5. Tires

Most fixed-gear bikes sport thinner tires, which might be more appealing to speed chasers. The single-speed bikes feature a wide variety of tire sizes, with wider tires being more suited for rougher terrains.


The absence of bike components such as multiple chainrings and shifters makes the fixed gear bike easier to maintain and more reliable. As you look through the choices offered above, you will notice that many of them are listed as both single speed and fixed gear. This is because of the flip-flop rear wheel hub design that allows you to switch between the two.

Our review of the best-fixed gear bikes under $1,000 shows that the Pure Fix is the best option. It offers many color and size options, and it is an affordable but well-built bike that can serve you as both a fixed gear bike and a single-speed bike.

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