Top 10 Best Light Up Roller Skates Wheels in 2024 Reviews

The best light roller skates wheels are a must-buy for any parents who want their kids to take part in the active sports activity. Young kids really like skating; hence, it is advisable that at some point, you get them quality skating shoes with lights. This creates a beautiful environment that will encourage them to skate.

And it is not just kids that need light roller skates wheels; adults too can consider these shoes. After all, skating helps a lot in keeping us fit both physically and mentally. In this article, we discuss these products comprehensively so you can easily find what’s best for you.

List of The Top 10 best light up roller skates wheels in 2024 Reviews

#1. XinoSports Inline Roller Skates with Light Up Wheels

XinoSports Inline Roller Skates at a Glance:

  • Comes with an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Available in two sizes; medium (1 – 4) and large (5 – 8)
  • Comes in a variety of colors; black/blue, black/pink, and pink/grey
  • Red, blue, and green LED lights

XinoSports know exactly what your youngsters need. And they give them just that. These inline roller skates will provide your little one with a new exciting outdoor adventure. They are equipped with a bright LED that adds excitement and sparkle to make sure your little one is always looking forward to weekend skating. XinoSports also understand that kids grow quickly and can grow out of shoes faster than you think.

As such, they have designed these skates wheels in such a way that they will grow with your kids. They have also designed the skates to fit you perfectly. And to achieve that, XinoSports have equipped these skates for kids with a 3-part closure that consists of Cam lever, laces, and Velcro straps.

Best For: Parents who want their kids to go outside and engage in an active sports activity should consider these light roller skates.

#2. 2PM SPORTS Girls Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels

2PM SPORTS Girls Inline Skates at a Glance:

  • Available in 3 sizes: medium, small, and large
  • All the 8 wheels illuminate
  • Wheels are made of 82A polyurethane
  • Wheels have high-quality ABEC-7 bearings

It is time to make your girl a real shining star. And do you know what you need to achieve that? These light roller skates wheels. Each of them has 4 wheels that illuminate to create a wonderful environment for skating. Best of all, the wheels do not need batteries to illuminate. They are designed as a self-generated power system. The wheels are also made with a top grade material in polyurethane to provide your precious daughter with the smoothest, quietest rides ever.

The ability for these skates to move super quietly is further enhanced by the ABEC-7 bearings. Like other premium light roller skates, these ones have Cam lever buckles, laces, and Velcro strap. Moreover, these light roller skates for girls come with a sincere service from the manufacturer to give you confidence during buying.

Best For: Parents who need their kids to build strong bones, muscles, and joints. The skates are also great for controlling obesity among children.

#3. Otw-Cool Adjustable Inline Skates for Kids and Adults

Otw-Cool Inline Skates at a Glance:

  • Comes in 3 different colors; Black, Pink, and Blue
  • All the wheels have illuminating colorful lights
  • Triple protection system

Safety comes first in any active sports activity. Therefore, we are pleased to note that these light roller skates are built with safety in mind. They have a triple protection system that includes Velcro Strap, Standard Lace, and High-Strength Buckle to keep your young one safe every time they hit the road to enjoy some outdoor skating. What’s more, these roller skates have light-all wheels with exciting colorful lights to make skating unforgettable.

The roller skates are also designed with comfort in mind. They have comfortable and soft inner shoes that will let your kid skate for long hours. Their comfort is further improved by the ABEC-7 bearings that help make wheels move smoothly even on not so smooth surfaces. The roller skates come in adjustable sizes, which include Kids (US 12J-2), Youth Kids (2 -5M), and Adults (5-8L).

Best For: These rollers are good for kids and beginners. So, if you are looking for roller skates for someone within this category, then they are a worthy investment.

#4. Kuxuan Adjustable Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels for Kids, Boys

Kuxuan Inline Skates at a Glance:

  • Delivered in a beautifully finished box
  • Wheels work both outdoors and indoors
  • Colorful LED lights inside the wheels
  • Two different sizes; Small – Little Kids (11-1US) and Medium – Big Kids (1-4US)

One standout feature of these light roller skates wheels is the convenient and easy 1 push button that makes different sizes extremely easy to adjust. Well, the fact that these skates are adjustable means they will always fit your kid’s growing feet. Another feature that makes these skates stand out is the lighting in all the 8 wheels. They give out cool illumination that will no doubt leave your kid more than impressed.

Moreover, you do not need batteries to have the lights in this footwear powered; thanks to the self-generating power. The skates look stylish and move smoothly to give your youngster all the confidence when they are on the go. They are made of durable polyurethane and have ABEC-7 bearings. Having said that, expect these skates to work well both indoors and outdoors.

Best For: Parents looking to provide their kids with more fun should consider these roller skates. They keep the kids fit and are great for making bones, joints, and muscles stronger.

#5. 2PM Sports Adjustable Inline Skates with Full Light Up Wheels

2PM Sports Adjustable Inline Skates at a Glance:

  • Eye-catching light-up design
  • 82A polyurethane wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • Triple closure for support and safety
  • Available in two color options; Shocking Pink and Neon Green

These roller skates come in 3 adjustable sizes, which is great, considering that kids grow fast and so are their feet. The sizes include Large (4-7) for youth and young adults; Medium (1-4) for big kids, and Small (11-1) for little kids. Besides, these roller skates have all illuminating wheels that look super cool and are very bright in the dark. They are constructed with reinforced aluminum frame and have polyurethane wheels to help improve their durability.

These roller skates are also lightweight, comfortable, and supportive to let your kid skate with confidence and for a long time. They also have cuff buckles that will let your child put them on and remove them with ease. Well, one of the reasons why 2 PM Sports is regarded as the best is that it offers sincere service. With that said, buy these skates wheels with confidence knowing that it fully stands behind them.

Best For: Economic-minded parents looking to buy their kid’s light roller skates that will last more than one season.

#6. PAPAISON SPORTS Adjustable Inline Skates with Full Light LED Wheels for Kids and Adults

PAPAISON SPORTS Inline Skates with LED Wheels at a Glance:

  • Buckle, strap, and lace closure system
  • All the 8 wheels light up
  • Reinforced aluminum alloy frame
  • 30-day refund policy

These light roller skates wheels are cool and will undoubtedly encourage your young one to skate. They are equipped with a total of 8 wheels and each of these wheels has LED lights for improved aesthetics. The lights are powered by the rolling wheels, meaning you will not need batteries. Furthermore, these roller skates are built to last. Their frame is made of a reinforced aluminum alloy and the high-rebounded wheels are made of polyurethane, which makes them wear-resistant.

Also, there are ABEC-7 bearings, which are made of premium quality carbon steel. The bearings enable these skates to move smoothly even on a bit trickier terrains. These skates are adjustable, and they come in 3 different sizes, which are small for little kids, medium for big kids, large for youth & adult, and X-large for adults.

Best For: These skates are designed in such a way that they put you closer to the ground; hence, providing you with more balance. With that being said, the skates are perfect for beginners.

#7. Otw-Cool Adjustable Inline Skates with All Wheels Light Up for Kids, Girls

Otw-Cool Inline Skates for Kids Girls at a Glance:

  • Available in two different colors
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Safe Closure System
  • 82A polyurethane smooth wheels
  • All wheels have illuminating colorful wheels

Like most light roller skates wheels by Otw-Cool, these ones are available in adjustable sizes. And they are so easy to adjust that kids can do that on their own. Their wheels have colorful illuminating lights that will make your young one look really cool, especially in the dark. The lights do not need batteries to light up; they are self-powered. In addition, these roller skates are designed with durability in mind and to withstand both indoor and outdoor use.

Their wheels are made of polyurethane and have ABEC-7 bearings, which ensure that they roll smoothly. Other wonderful features these roller skates have are laces, Velcro strap, and rachet buckle. All three combine to provide you with excellent ankle support. Otw-Cool promises to stand behind its product, and these roller skates are no exception.

Best For: If you want your kids to skate with ease and even learn how to skate like a pro in no time, this footwear is worth spending money on.

#8. Kuxuan Inline Skates with All Wheels Light Up for Kids, Girls

Kuxuan Inline Skates with All Wheels Light Up at a Glance:

  • Come with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Colorful LED lights inside the wheels
  • Wheels are packed with ABEC-7 bearings
  • High-quality aluminum frame

One good thing with these inline skates is that you will never buy them again – well, at least for the next two seasons. They are perfect for parents/guardians on a budget or those who are economic-minded. The inline skates have adjustable sizes that are really easy to adjust using the easy and convenient 1 push button. With them, you will never worry about your kid’s growing feet. In addition, these inline skates are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors.

They are sturdily designed with aluminum frame and polyurethane wheels that have ABEC-7 bearings. The skates also have cool lights that will make your kids the center of attention every time they are skating in them. Because of their unique style and durability, these light roller skates wheels make a perfect gift idea for a daughter, niece or granddaughter.

Best For: Research points out that kids who exercise regularly not only sleep better but also have a strong immune system. Well, if you are looking for a convenient and fun way to get exercise on a regular basis, these inline skates should be a frontier for you.

#9. 2PM Sports Cytia Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels

2PM Sports Cytia Inline Skates at a Glance:

  • 4 sizes adjustable and triple protection system
  • Aluminum frame and rubber (TPR) stopper
  • Colorful lights that do not need the battery to light up
  • High-quality ABEC-7 bearings

These roller skates are a worthy investment because, once you have bought them, it will take quite some time before you go back to the stores to get a new pair. They are adjustable, and, therefore, will grow with your kid’s feet. They are also well made, given that they have such quality features as 82A polyurethane wheels, rubber (TPR) stopper, and aluminum frame. The sturdy construction enables these light roller skates to withstand both indoor and outdoor challenges.

Besides, these roller skates have ABEC-7 bearings that help make them move smoothly. And their triple protection system includes laces, 45-degree strap, and high-strength buckle. These features help provide safe ankle support and will protect your young one along the way. The skates light up to further make skating, especially in the dark, fun.

Best For: If you have a little one at home who’s really interested in skating, you can get them these roller skates.

#10. ANCHEER Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels for Kids Boys and Girls

ANCHEER Inline Skates with Light Up Wheels at a Glance:

  • Wheels are made of polyurethane
  • Can be worn and used by both boys and girls
  • Available in two colors; Blue and Pink
  • The cloth surface of the skates is made of polyester

ANCHEER knows that comfort plays an important role in making skating fun. As such, it has designed these roller skates with polyester fabric mesh to improve breathability and comfort. This means your kid will be able to skate in the heated sun without being made uncomfortable because of sweaty feet. The light roller skates have durable wheels made of polyurethane for long-lasting performance.

Ideally, the wheels have lights; hence, it will further make you cool while you are skating. The roller skates also have a triple protection system, which includes shoe rope, powerful Velcro, and Barbie buckle. This reliable protection system will give you peace of mind as a parent knowing that your kid is always safe while skating.

Best For: These inline skates are perfect for beginners. So, if your boy or girl is about to start skating, these are the shoes to consider.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Light Roller Skates Wheels

In the following buyer’s guide, we have talked about the factors you need to have in mind when buying a pair of light roller skates. Take a look.


Whether you are buying a pair of skating shoes for your kid or yourself, it is important that you get one, which fits you perfectly. This helps improve safety by keeping your feet or your kid’s feet well supported.


You will not skate the way you want to if your roller skates are not designed with comfort in mind. As such, consider roller skates made of great padding. Also, make sure your roller skates have soft inner shoes.


The wheels of your roller skates should be sturdily built to stand up to anything the outdoor environment throws at night. And since you are looking for quality skates with lights, it will make sense to go for wheels with lights.

Adjustable design

This is particularly important if you are buying your kid a pair of roller skates. Kids’ feet grow pretty fast and you may not have the money to spend on new roller skates every time. For this reason, consider light roller skates wheels that are adjustable and capable of growing with your kids’ feet.


Choosing a pair of top-notch light roller skates wheels can be more difficult than expected. That’s why it is important that you go through reviews like the one we have written here. We have talked about the best brands only; hence, any roller skates that you will choose, expect them to deliver.

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