Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business in 2019 Reviews

Businesses face a wide variety of security challenges from employee theft to break-ins and burglaries. And if you do not find effective ways to secure yours, you can even end up closing shop due to the adverse financial implications that come with these security challenges. But, keeping your investment safe is quite easy as you only need to invest in the best security camera systems.

A camera security system will typically consist of various other things besides the cameras such as alarms/sirens, motion detectors, security lights, and entryway sensors. Besides deterring potential intruders, it will also help identify them.

There are different kinds of security camera systems from different companies available in the market that can be ideal for you. And to help you choose something that will help secure your business premises, here we review 10 top-rated security camera systems and provide an in-depth buying guide.

List of the 10 Best Security Systems for Small Businesses.

Best Security Camera Systems For Small Business in 2019 Reviews.

1. Arlo Pro Wireless Camera System

Arlo Pro security cameras are designed to ensure you can monitor your businesses premises wirelessly from anywhere as they are 100% wireless. These cameras have also been built to be entirely water-resistant to allow you to install them outdoors. And they also have a built-in microphone and speaker for push-to-talk capability.

They will also come with rechargeable batteries and a fast charger to ensure minimal downtimes, and they also work with Alexa to allow for convenient voice command. Also, they have night vision to ensure you can still get videos even at night.

2. Blink Indoor Security Camera System

A security camera system does not have to be expensive to work well because even budget ones like this one will still offer excellent service. It is the cheapest option among our security camera systems for small business reviews, but it still has a lot to offer. Essential among its top features is the HD video recording as it will provide some crystal clear 720p videos. Also, it has a motion sensor that will trigger video recording when it senses any motion in your business.

With this camera system, you will also get instant alerts on your phone and a link to the video attached to ensure you can respond to situations in real time. And to make things even better, there is also a live view mode that will be very handy when you want to monitor the premises in real time. These cameras are also battery-powered and with long battery life to ensure you do not have to worry about cables.

3. ZOSI 8-Channel Security Camera System

Video resolution is always the highlight of any security camera system and the fact that this one provides 1080p full HD videos makes it a fantastic buy. And to make it even better, it will also provide up to 65 feet night vision which ensures you get top-notch quality videos both during the day and night.

You can also record and save videos for extended periods without running out of memory because this system includes a 1 TB hard drive. To make it even better, you will not need to be in your business to see the video as it has a smart app that allows you to view from anywhere. And you can also customize the motion detection area and alerts to suit your specific situation.

4. EZVIZ Triple HD Outdoor Surveillance System

Outdoor surveillance can sometimes be hard for regular security cameras as they are not designed to withstand the elements. However, this 4-camera system has been specifically built for outdoor surveillance, and so it will be up to the task. The cameras are entirely weatherproof, and they work with a 1 TB hard drive to deliver continuous video recording throughout the day.

With this security system, you also get up to 100 feet of night vision range and an advanced motion detection system that can be customized to suit your particular situation. And with the EZVIZ app, you can view your cameras in one place and from anywhere.

5. Reolink 8-Channel Video Surveillance System

8 channel video surveillance systems like this one by Reolink are a perfect choice when you have a relatively larger area to monitor as they provide more coverage than the popular 4-channel models. This particular system is super easy to set up as you only need to plug the cameras on the NVR, and they will be ready to start recording. The recording will also continue uninterrupted for extended periods thanks to the 2 TB built-in hard drive.

This surveillance system also provides 4MP super HD video recording and the night vision to ensure you not only get top-notch videos but also get them at any time of the day. There is also remote access via the manufacturer’s app, which means you can easily monitor your business from anywhere.

6. Safevant Wireless Security Camera System

Safevant makes this camera security system with user convenience in mind as its plug, and play design will ensure that even beginners have an easy time using it. Besides being convenient, it is also designed to record some high quality 1080p HD videos. And because it has 8 high-quality cameras, you can capture many areas on your business premises.

This camera system allows for remote access, which is always a great feature as you can easily monitor your employees and business even when you are away. Also, you can customize the motion detection and alerts to suit your needs and preferences.

7. Reolink PTZ Security Camera

If nighttime security for your business is what is giving you sleepless nights, this security camera system is for you as it excels at low light and night video recording. It is a 5 MP camera that records in super HD and offers up to 190 feet of night vision to ensure the camera never misses anything. And it also offers a flexible motion sensor and alerts to ensure that the camera works for your specific needs.

You also get remote access with this feature-rich camera and a free app that will make it possible to monitor your business from anywhere. And it will accommodate multiple channels and provide some simple and intuitive controls to make it easy to operate.

8. Reolink 4MP 16 Channel Video Surveillance System

Even small businesses can have large premises, and if yours is the kind that has a larger compound, warehouse or many rooms that require monitoring, this 16-channel surveillance system will be very useful. And despite having many cameras, it is still a plug-and-play system that will not require any complicated installation or software download when setting up.

Continuous recording is also ensured by the fact that it comes with a 3TB built-in hard disc that will ensure it will be a long time before you run out of memory. With the 100-foot night vision and motion sensor, you will also hardly ever miss anything both in the day and night. And you can also access the footage remotely and via the app.

9. Reolink RLK8-420D4 8-Channel Surveillance System

Reolink is one of the industry leaders when it comes to security camera systems, and they will hardly ever disappoint as they have been in the business long enough. This 8-channel surveillance system shows why thousands of business owners trust them, and it has a lot to offer from 1440p video resolution to 100-foot night vision thanks to the highly effective infrared system.

This cameras system is also plug-and-play and with no wiring hassle, which means even beginners will have an easy time with it. And it also has a 2 TB hard drive that will ensure nonstop recording, and it delivers real-time alerts to your smartphone to ensure you never miss anything.

10. Swann 4 Camera 8-Channel Security System

This Swann camera security system is a perfect choice for anyone that likes to keep up with the emerging technologies. It is a state-of-the-art system with some of the most advanced surveillance technologies for its price, but it is still super easy to use even for first timers. And it will not require a lot of intervention as you only need to set and leave it to record for extended periods as it has a large enough 2 TB hard drive.

The 4 super high-definition cameras are all 5 MP and will record 1080p videos to ensure maximum detail, and you also get a 100-foot infrared vision for easy nighttime recording, and these cameras have been built to be durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.

How to Choose the Best Security Systems for Small Businesses

It is easy to get a security camera system for your business as there are many models in the market, but getting a good one will need you to have the right information in mind. However, choosing a good security system only requires you to consider the following essential points.

1. Video Resolution

Any camera system you buy for your business needs to provide an excellent video resolution, or otherwise, you will not see what is captured clearly. The best models are those that deliver full HD videos, but these are often quite expensive. But, even if you are looking for something more affordable, it should still deliver at least 720p or 1080p videos.

2. Budget

Your budget also matters as security camera systems are available in different price ranges. And so you need to decide how much you are willing to spend. Also, it is essential to note that how much you are ready to spend will determine the quality of the camera that you get and the components included in the system. 4 channel security systems are often good enough as they are quite affordable, given that they can cost as little as $100. But, if you have a larger area to cover, you may need a 16 channel system that will cost at least $400.

3. What is Included

While the camera might be the most important component of the security system, it is not the only thing that you need to set up an effective security system. Hence, what you get in the box also matters a lot. Other things like network cables, wall mounts, and rechargeable batteries will also be essential for the system to work effectively. And so when deciding on what to buy, you should make sure it has everything you will need.


A security camera system is a must-have for your small businesses as it will give you peace of mind, and you will also avoid incurring losses due to employee theft or sabotage, brake-ins, and burglary.

However, not just any will do, and so you need to make sure that you choose the best security camera system for small businesses from the many options out there. This should also now be easy as you only need to consider factors like video resolution and your budget.

And with our top 10 reviews above, you also now have some fantastic recommendations. For those looking for something more affordable, the Blink Indoor Security Camera System is our top pick while the Reolink 4MP 16 Channel Video Surveillance System will be perfect if you want something for monitoring larger premises.

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